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1898 Springfield Rifle

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  • dilbert_cal
    05-14 07:40 PM
    Hi Folks,

    My PD got current at today's Visa Bulletin. Presently I live in SF City, California but we are in the process of move from California to Texas. We will be finally move to TX during Sept-2007. My questions are:

    1. Can we move from CA to TX after I-485/EAD/AP is filed from California?

    Since you are moving before six months of your filing of 485, your parallegal said the right thing. Its possible but its risky. The way it works is if there is no RFE on your case in the 180 days following your filing, you can then invoke AC21 to support your move. It doesnt matter at that point of time that you moved earlier. Now, if a RFE is raised and your company is ready to handle it - you should be good to go. Past experiences on the forum have been that in the first 180 days, it is very rare to get a RFE and considering we would be having lots of filing in the next month, the chances are even slimmer.

    2. We do have a PO address is Texas now and have an apartment in CA for next 5 months.
    Do you recommend to use the Texas PO Box address instead of California Apartment address for USCIS I-485 application such that we can avoid the Change of Address with USCIS later?
    My personal opinion is that using a PO box address may not be allowed. But its my opinion. A lawyer would be the best person to advise you on this.

    3. What are RISKS of moving from state to state during I-485 process? Did anyone do that in this forum?
    Answered in Point 1
    Please advise - thanks
    Hope this helps.

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  • ruchigup
    09-02 03:33 PM
    I tried calling NSC, after I punch in my receipt#, it says accessing your record but then it gives me message "Due to temporary problem with our system, we can't access the information". I tried calling again 10 minutes later and got the same message. Anybody else facing same issue?

    I talked to NSC (using POJ method) and got hold of IO (I am pretty sure it was not the call center representative). He told me that my file is pre-adjudicated and it is on the way to Agent's office for final review. I think that many files are stored at off-site location and are brought back as needed / pd becomes current etc.

    He said that all he can do is to wish good luck. I asked him if I will get GC this month or no? He replied that it all depends on how many visa number will be given to them by state department.

    It's only day 2 but I feel that they are approving what ever file they have on their hands on. Feels like I will miss this boat too.

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  • Surplusrifle Forum • View topic - Pretty new 1898 Springfield

  • dealsnet
    10-08 10:40 AM
    No impact on BEC approvals on retrogression, BECAUSE THEY NEED TO GET I-140 to be approved, then only their case to be on the line for visa number. Now no premium processing, their I-140 is going to get approved dring May OR June 2008. Till then the guys with I-140 approved and filed in June 2007 get GC. BEC approvals on 2001, 2002, 2003 cases after june 30th (last date for premium) will be on above catagory.

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  • vdlrao
    07-15 09:31 AM
    We have an interview opportunity with a national TV channel. If you/anyone is interested, please contact Immigration voice.

    Just want to put at the top of the page.


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  • GCwaitforever
    06-08 04:28 PM
    I don�t know what is so hard about this deadlock. Don�t they know that if:
    1. Illegals are given temporary visas for them to return after a number of years, no-body would come forward. The illegals would see this as shooting themselves in the foot. They would prefer to remain in the dark and live here permanently. Purpose defeated.
    2. A tough enforcement only bill is passed, with the hope that there would be attrition after a while: How long would it take for all 12 million illegals to finally leave? 1 million per year? 500K per year? 24 years? Yeah right! Ok assuming they leave at a rate of 500K per year (which I know wouldn�t happen) what would be the rate of inflow of more illegals?? What would be the balance of illegals after say 10 years? Think about it.
    3. Give them a path to citizenship. Well they are here anyways but this idea might jeopardize the bill.

    So my proposal is: Since �a path to citizenship� is the major road block to this bill, make a law that gives the Illegals an opportunity for GC but include in the law that �Anybody that ever comes into the country illegally CAN NOT become a citizen�. i.e they can get a green card but they can never be eligible for citizenship. I am sure this is a reasonable middle ground�. a path to PR but not citizenship. I am sure those illegals don�t care about citizenship anyways. They just want to be free and be mobile.

    Just my thots.

    TPS - temporary protected status is given to people from Honduras, El Salvador and some more countries. What you said is in line with some of that status. It is less than a Greencard as there is no path to citizenship, yet the people in TPS can hang on here for years and years. Congress is forced to renew this every year for politics. Eventually people in TPS marry locals and settle here.

    Tancredo and his chums tried to dissolve this feature completely from immigration code. TPS is the best way to go. No amnesty as there is no citizenship/GC. And all these folks can come out in the open and play by rules.

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  • pappu
    09-30 08:39 AM
    I decided to join you as a monthly Donor today.

    It looks like your organization is the only one doing anything concrete to help legal immigrants. I had trouble finding support on other immigration sites.

    This is request to other members and forum browsers, guests to also support their effort.

    The recession has been tough, but if I had to choose, my immigration is more important to me than cable TV.

    Thank you. Welcome to IV.


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  • Pranav74
    11-28 10:17 PM
    Hello all,

    I live in Los Angeles and sent my application on 11/26/07 to CGI SF and received a call on 11/27/07 notifying me that it would take approximately 30 days to renew my passport since it has been over 3 years since it expired. Apparently they need to contact authorities in India to do additional background checking.

    Yes, I admit that it is my fault for not checking my passport prior to making travel plans and not renewing in time. However, with the hope that the "emergency/tatkal" scheme would work in getting my passport renewed before my departure date of 12/15/07, I did include the extra $90 for the "emergency/tatkal" scheme. Though I sent the extra money, as I mentioned above, they informed me that they would not be able to expedite my passport renewal.

    They informed me that the "emergency/tatkal" process is for grave emergencies only. Fortunately (or unfortunately) I don't have a close family member on their death-bed and I did not want to lie on the application.

    In any case, they have sent my application back and it seems that I am out-of-luck and will probably have to cancel my trip.

    However, I do have questions for people who have received renewed passports in less than 2 weeks from various CGI locations:

    1. Did you apply to the CGI in the appropriate jurisdiction?
    2. How long had it been since your passports had expired?
    3. Did you know people who worked at the CGI or just got lucky?

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  • eb3_nepa
    06-12 05:21 PM
    ... the problem however is that the laws and procedures of the land do not care if you are suffering to do things right which makes it an UNFAIR system.

    Hold that thought Albaman, the verdict on immigration is not out yet. True the laws do not care if you are suffering but then you have to ask urself 2 questions:

    1) B4 IV, how many organizations/Individuals have voiced their plights? If you keep suffering silently, even ur next door neighbour wont know if ur alive or dead.
    2) We are not american citizens or even permanent residents. Why will the law and the lawmakers care for us automatically? Forget about vote-banks for a minute. Think about why they will care at all, especially when no one was voicing an increase in Green Cards? Big corps have voiced an increse in H1B's and they got it from time to time.


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  • jonty_11
    05-15 03:31 PM
    this thread shouldbe increasing in pages...c'mon guys keep calling..
    I called top 5 ...going on ...strong..

    This is the action item so lets do our part while core IV plays the bigger picture.

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  • Macaca
    09-20 09:00 PM
    It was great meeting and working with everyone especiallyJay,Aman,Himanshu,Vandana,Prateek,Nilli, Vandana,Mark,Tamsen,Puneet (yes- I am being nice to you inspite of the lawyer jokes u crack at my expense!!!),Anil,Sanjeev,Rajesh, Macaca (yes I was a bit too hard on you :) but it was all in good spirit) and of course my friend Meenal. I just want to thank a few volunteers who worked on lobby day meetings with me but could not attend the lobby day or the rally day-Fora,Vasu and Payal. We are all so glad the lobby day meetings and the Rally went well. It really shows what we can do when we all get together. Kudos to IV and its members!

    Some thing that is a bit too hard for samay will hit you like a Tsunami!



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  • rkg000
    05-11 10:18 PM
    Approved today in the most RESPECTED way for both Primary and Derivative.
    --No Porting
    --EB2- with qualified credentials: BS Engg;MS USA;
    --No substitution

    Called USCIS CS and verified information; and CS opened SR

    Has been a long wait. Came in 1999 for MS, straight out of college from home country.

    Oh your status said mentioned it as "RESPECTED". May be you are a special case for USCIS. Good for you.

    I hope you realize that the only thing you gained is the disrespect of your peers. Enjoy it.

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  • sheela
    08-15 08:59 PM
    I got the card production ordered email today. I dont know if the infopass appointment that I had yesterday made any difference or not. But for the time being Im very relieved and happy.
    Case Details:
    May 23rd eFile TSC
    FP: 6/19/2008
    LUD: 7/22/2008
    CPO: 8/15/2008

    My spouse (EB2i derivative) got CPO this evening
    e-filed: 6/17
    FP: 7/14
    CPO: 8/15

    Primary EAD filed 5/27, still waiting
    EB2i, PD: 10/05
    I-140 approved, LUD 7/13
    I-485 (luds: 8/13, 8/14) still waiting approval


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  • hibhagya
    07-21 05:56 PM
    E-Filed on May 27 -2008
    FP on June 21-2008
    No updates after that.

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  • kshitijnt
    05-14 07:38 PM
    1.I got labor and 140 approved under EB3( Company A)
    2.Through different company(Company B) perm labor applied under eb2 and approved and 140 applied ( still pending)
    3. used portability of priority date but 140 still pending( eb3 to eb2)

    Now my priority date is current under eb2 but my 140 is pending through company B ( porting PD from company A)
    is it possible to apply 485 through company B? even 140 not approved
    thanks for your help.

    Whats the PD written on receipt?


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  • designserve
    03-24 02:54 PM
    People like me are sitting on the fence. I wouldn't regret even if I don't get a GC at all...Sometimes, I feel that I am just waiting for any chance to go back to India... It is just the consideration of continuity in life for the family that really is driving me every day... It doesn't mean I will feel bad if I get the GC. The wait is simply not worth it. been living in multiple countries for the past 13 years... US is one another country for me.... That is just my case. I visit the forum and post in here because I can just monitor the situation... It is like monitoring my stocks, news on Libya,World cup, etc. Don't get me wrong guys... I wanted to share my facts.

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  • swadeshi
    04-12 03:26 AM

    I just saw this thread and mailed Nolaindian and also the teamIV requesting the membership form. I will take part in DC 10 miler.


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  • fromnaija
    05-15 08:50 AM
    All those who answered were right! You don't have to reapply H4 for your dependants when you change employers as long as their current status is still valid. I changed employers in 2004 and didn't have to apply new H4 for my family until 2006 when their previous status expired.
    On another note, one does not need a new visa stamp in passport when one changes employers until current visa stamp expires.
    I hope this puts your mind at rest. You may however want to confirm this with your lawyer and post his answer.

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  • yvjoshi100
    10-11 10:23 PM
    Your letter nor the proposed drft amendment to CSPA does not talk about the children of parents who applied their GC under employment based category and got stuck in the Labor Card approval stage for years and when labor got approved and I140 also got approved then again stuck due to Visa retrogression. We must include injustice being done to these children and should ask for retrospective amendment to CSPA to provide relief.

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  • GCKaIntezar
    05-15 12:13 PM
    Which is better-

    A. Working and traveling on h1b (stamping at the consulate needed every year)


    B. Working on EAD and traveling on AP (EAD and AP to be renewed every year)

    Any insights would be graetly appreciated.

    09-25 05:28 PM
    ... deleted ....

    05-15 12:54 PM
    Usually they give saying baby girl was born to the following parents on this date at this place. because at the time of birth the baby may not be named.

    Makes sense now, I assume your certificate is issued in a hospital. To enter the details in to the birth registration file, parents usually have to wait till they decide on the name and need to register the birth.

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